New Island Eats: Vein at Kaka’ako

Kombu Snapper Carpacchio


Executive Chef  Wyndell Valdez from Vein Kaka’ako has a great work philosophy which inspires his guys in the kitchen to keep their imaginations and passions alive by giving them the liberty to create the menu that keeps this Kaka’ako bistro at full capacity every night. 


 Everything about this place is appealing; aesthetically and materially.  This quaint bistro is modern and trendy yet there’s a comfortable cozy feeling dining here, like eating at home but way nicer.   And you can tell that these people are passionate about what they do because it is translated so well into the food they serve. He believes that great food starts with great people and their love for what they do.  And its true, your feelings show up in your food so he makes sure his crew is in the right mindset when they come to work.  To a Chef there’s nothing better than seeing someone’s mood change because they ate a great meal- one that’s literally life changing (or mood changing at least).   He also inspires his crew to enjoy the ride, enjoy the burns and the scars because hard work does pay off; he is a living testament to this.


Burrata and Charred Rapini on Ciabatta

Chef Wyndell (Dell) graduate of KCC’s Culinary program and local boy from Maui, has a great outlook on how he runs his kitchen from the way they store and handle products, the thought process of creating the menu and how they treat each other; staff and guests. Mentored by Mark Anthony Freiburg, Dell was the Sous Chef of Neiman Marcus for while and left to open Vein earlier this year. Their grand opening was in August and have been wowing patrons with Modern Mediterranean-meets California-meets farm to table cuisine.

Crab mint herb Pasta

Right now they serving a winter menu that changes seasonally, with beautiful daily specials. Flavors are fresh and invigorating.  This season there are heartier offerings that warm your soul with complex spices that leave your palate amazed and refreshed. 

Lunch is served from 11:00-2:00 daily

Dinner is served on Monday-Saturday from 5:00-10:00pm, Sunday 5:00-9:00pm. 

Vein at Kaka’ako

685 Auahi Street

Honolulu, HI 96813

(808) 376-4800