New Island Eats: Mike and Billz Fire Grillz


Nestled in heart of Waikiki, if you blink, you’ll miss this tiny oasis of flavor that has a mighty reputation on the West side of Oahu.  Mike & Billz Fire Grillz has yelpers favoring this lunch truck as the best place to eat on the westside, but on the south shore, they’re just getting fired up. 

The afternoon we met Mike and Billie, was perfect; the lot they parked their wagon in is fenced in and covered with huge umbrellas that give perfect shade and visibility; sunny but protected.  There was a line at 3:00pm so we had to wait.  Our interview was done between customers which was perfectly fine.

 Mike has experience at various hotel banquet kitchens and was brought up in a family whose name is prominent on the West side for Restaurants and food.  He was also an avid boxer and won the golden gloves consecutively from 1987-1989.   Billie has been a bartender over 20 years and has meal prepped for fighters like Max Halloway, Asa Stevens, Nainoa Dung and Zane Kamaka to name a few.  Billie also grew up in Makaha surfing with her neighbors Rell Sunn and Bufffalo Keaulana.  Originally, they were based in various locations in Kapolei. They parked outside of a storage center in Kapolei, then took over the vacant garden department outside of Kmart, but when they shut their doors, they had to move on.  The closure eventually took them to Waipahu, but luckily this spot in Waikiki opened and they just had to take it. 

We tried the Kim Chee steak (which is a best seller) the Ahi with Berre blanc which packed a explosive delivery of flavor and garlic shrimp with house made tropical iced tea.  Apparently Mike is known for the grill side and Billie is all fire!  Not is she only in charge of concocting the delicious sauces that finish and set this food truck apart, but her passion for life is uplifting.  I love when I come across people that love what they do, no matter what they’re doing.  Clearly, this translates into the food they make.  This dynamic duo makes sure they serve their best daily and are generous with their portions. 


Mike and Billz Fire Grillz

208 Kapuni Street

Honolulu, HI 96815


Open daily 11:00am- 11:00pm