New Island Eats: Pokeway


Writing this makes me think of fresh flavors of fish straight from the auction, crisp local greens, crunchy fried garlic and onion; complex umami subtleties that need to be experienced in real life.  The forefront of Don Quijote Kaheka, is littered with food vendors.  Smack dab in the middle, lies a new tenant: Pokeway (formerly Naked Poke) owned by Rich Choe and Chris Lee.  To say that these two have extensive business experience, would be an understatement.  Rich grew up in the restaurant business; his family owns Richie’s Drive Inn which has been a fixture in Kalihi for over 36 years and Chris comes from a family of commercial fishermen who understand the value of quality fish.  Therefore, they can offer fresh fish at great prices. 

For that reason, I come here a lot and the fish is never brown or that unnatural red color.  They are always consistent in serving only the best quality fish, because they never skimp on quality.  The best thing about this place is that you can make your poke bowls according to your preference- kind of like those sub sandwich shops.

First, Choose a starch or greens (or both): brown rice, white rice and multigrain , romaine, mixed greens.  Second, Pick your protein like Ahi, salmon, Hamachi, chicken, octopus, tofu.  They even offer crawfish and  shrimp.  After that, you pick your sauce that the proteins get tossed in: they offer Shoyu, Korean Temper, Wasabi Aioli, Yuzu Wasabi, Creamy Sesame, Dynamite, Spicy Mayo, Onion madness, Miso Miso and Mango Habanero (which  is an all-around favorite).   You also have the option to add other vegetables and toppings: Avocado, ocean salad, cucumbers, corn and just to name a few.  Lastly, top it off with something crunchy like fried garlic, fried onions, tempura flakes, furikake or sesame to add texture and complete your creation.  

Poke+ fresh+ your way= Pokeway…. There’s no other way, if you ask me.

 Pokeway at Don Quixote

801 Kaheka St.

Honolulu, HI 96813

(808) 955- 2868

Open daily from 10:00am- 8:00pm