Ohana Nui ( Big Family)


Makaha, Oahu -Today was a great day on the Bestside of Oahu! Many years ago it used to be the old stomping grounds which have been blessed by many friends! On the Westside of Oahu, there are many that make up one big Ohana. Makaha Surfing Beach is where the celebration begins. The Buffalo Big Board Surfing Classic brings everyone from the Waianae Coast, the Hawaiian islands and around the world together. Each year the contest is a gathering place for friends of old and new. People gather to witness spectacular surfing events including Beachboy tricks, tandem, bully board stand up, and canoe surfing. The competition is fierce as the water talent hails some of the best watermen and women in the world. Some of these World Champions include Rusty Keaulana (son of the contest honoree Richard “Buffalo” Keaulana), Bonga Perkins and Duane Desoto.

Other heavy water families include the Keaulana, DeSoto and Van Gieson ohana that add to the “mana” of this event.

The contest is not about winning.  It is more about coming together to celebrate all “Ohana”, okay, it’s also about the competition too!

Next chance will be next year sometime in February. Mark your calendars,  as you need to plan ahead!

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bonga perkins and Duane Desoto