Introducing Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association Board of Directors

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Cheryl Campbell, President,Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association

cheryl campbell

Cheryl Campbell was elected President of the Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association in January, 2017. She brings with her the experience of being the treasurer of OHCRA for the past six years. Through this position, she has brought fiscal awareness and clarity of non-profit compliance. In addition, she has held a senior management position with a local non-profit organization for well over 20 years.

Cheryl also brings to OHCRA her experience as a paddler. She started paddling at a young age, and continued for many years, with Windward Kai Canoe Club. As a youth, she can remember participating in shoreline distance races from Haleiwa to Turtle Bay, during a time that had far less restrictions. As an adult, she paddled with friends at most Kailua based clubs. Paddling has allowed her to participate in the sport with her grand-daughters and sons as members of the Waimanalo Canoe Club. As a steers person, the responsibility has influenced her through adulthood, in becoming the per-son she is today.

Cheryl is an advocate for supporting youth programs that make a positive difference in children’s lives. It is her desire to provide opportunities for the youth of OHCRA to excel. She was instrumental in having junior crews participate in the Hawaiian Airlines Molokai Hoe. This is just one example, a huge step forward. She will continue to explore avenues that sup-port all of our OHCRA paddling ohana. She is extremely thankful to be part of a knowledgeable executive team who share the same vision for canoe paddling. They are looking forward to a successful year as OHCRA continues to be the strongest association in the State of Hawaii!

Kalani Ka‘anaana, Vice-President,Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association

Kalani Ka‘anaana

Kalani is the Director of Hawaiian Cultural Affairs for the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority. His role includes providing Hawaiian Cultural expertise in the development and implementation of programs relating to Hawai‘i’s cultural initiatives for the visitor industry, and identifying ways to provide assistance regarding the perpetuation and preservation of Hawai‘i’s host culture, its language and values. Additionally, he is responsible for assuring that all activities are guided, conducted, and evaluated with a high sense of cultural awareness toward both the Hawaiian culture and Hawaii’s multi-ethnic communities. He graduated with distinction, from the Hawaiʻinuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge, at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in 2010. He earned a dual achelor of arts degree in Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian Studies. Kalani currently serves on the boards of the Oʻahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association, Kai Oni Canoe & Athletic Club, and the Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club. His ‘ohana (family) comes from Ka‘aihe‘e, Kailua, O‘ahu.

Ikaika Rogerson, Recording Secretary,Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association

Ikaika Rogerson

“Some time around age 10, my cousins and I decided to paddle for my Uncle Black at Waimanalo Canoe Club. At that time, they practiced in Kailua, so for just twenty-five cents we would catch the bus to practice and get picked up, after. It was that introduction to paddling, which sparked a love of the ocean that keeps me around. I have taken breaks between seasons, but I’m always drawn back to the canoe and that camaraderie. In the past, I served on the OHCRA board as a board member for Keahiakahoe Canoe Club, and have volunteered as an official in various capacities. After taking on the daunting task of registration for the 2016 Molokai Hoe, I was moved to run for record-ing secretary. Sadly, there was no opponent.

As a new member to the executive board, I noticed room for improvement in area of technology. We have made strides from the days of paper forms, to having an ID with a barcode. However, there is still room for more improvement. We have the technology to produce live results for Molokai Hoe, but currently do not have the ability to do so for the rest of the season. This is something I’d like to focus on, and bring to fruition. There is a list of other things I have in mind which would help us all out for a better season. The use of social media, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, is another underutilized tool for communication between us all. I look forward to a fruitful 2017 season and leave you with this ‘Ōlelo No’eau:‘A’ohe ‘auwa’a pa’a I ka hālau I ka mālie. No Canoes remain in the sheds in calm weather. Everybody goes fishing in good weather. This is also used when people turn out in great numbers, to share in work or play.”

Pua Paiaina, Vice-President,Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association

“At 12 years old, my grandfather stood on the dock at the Ala Wai, and he told me to sit down. As he pointed to the 6th seat of a canoe, I sat down. He gave me a paddle, which was heavy, and said, “If you wanna go left, poke left, if you wanna go right, poke right. Ok? You ready?” Not know-ing very much about paddling, I said, “Ok Grandpa!” That is how I was introduced and learned to paddle.”

“The Paiaina family members have all paddled at one time or another. Sometimes, I think, it wasn’t by choice. Thirty-plus years later, my brother Kea and I have worked hard at continuing the legacy of the Paiaina family, especially that of our grandfather. Our grandfather (Mr. P), is the reason we are still here. We share the love and passion that he had for canoe paddling. Thankfully, there have been some great individuals that have come through the club who have helped us to make Healani what it is today. Now that our kids (4th generation of Paiainas) are older, they are getting involved in our family’s love. Go Healani Go!”

“I accepted a recording secretary nomination in 2010, and six-years later, my term came to an end. It was a great learning experience, seeing the other side of paddling that most people have no clue about. Working for 3500 paddlers was eye opening, and it allowed me to work and fight for everyone, not just Healani. Having a team that was able to blend well together has made all the difference in the world. I am glad I took this journey, and I am excited to continue learning. I enjoyed working under Luana, with the great love and passion that she has for canoe paddling. I also look forward to working under Cheryl and the new team, as the corresponding secretary. This new team seems to be bringing a new fire to our team. Having strong individuals working together continues to give me great confidence that, together we will work hard for the betterment of the paddlers. Yes, we are working for all of you.”

“I encourage everyone to get involved and experience planning a race, working to make a difference for all paddlers, and learning the ins-and-outs of what can be done. There are so many aspects of OHCRA that happen behind the scenes. Sometimes people don’t realize exactly what needs to happen for a race to be successful, or for OHCRA to move forward. “

“Come out and share your expertise, your connections to the community, as well as your time and knowledge. OHCRA makes decisions for twenty clubs. However, what you may not realize is that OHCRA is not just the executive team. It’s all twenty clubs and their board members that help us to make decisions for all of you. We hear all of your positive, as well as negative, comments. If you want to get involved in any part of OHCRA, please don’t hesitate! We are looking for more help as we move forward, to make OHCRA a great association for all paddlers. We appreciate the support, and we look forward to the upcoming season. You should be excited with what the team is trying to do. We are far from perfect, and we may err, but what we all have is the fire to do our best, to make all of you happy being a part of OHCRA. GO OHCRA GO!”

Clinton Lapule Schultz, Treasurer,Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association

Clinton Lapule Schultz

Lapule has been associated with OHCRA since 2008, and has assisted in many projects and races over the last nine years. Over the last six years, he has served as OHCRA Vice President, and has shared and learned much about the sport, as well as the administrative duties and responsibilities of the association. Although not a paddler, Lapule has come to love and to appreciate the sport through a deeper cultural and personal perspective, through the experiences shared by the many paddlers, coaches, mentors and fellow board members. Every year brings new life, challenges, and scenarios that we all continue to learn from, and he is always willing and able to share in these experiences, so that we all continue to grow both collectively and individually.

Lapule got involved with paddling while teaching high school mathematics, when he accepted the athletic director position at Anuenue School, in 2008. Being very “raw” to everything about the sport, Lapule sought professional development through OHCRA, in order to learn and expand his knowledge about paddling. In turn, this helped him to better assist himself as the Oahu Interscholastic Association’s Paddling Program’s athletic director, in overseeing all of the public schools’ paddling seasons. Through this experience, he has gained expertise, which effectively supports both associations, and has enabled them to form a strong partner-ship.

Currently, he is the OHCRA Treasurer. He looks to continue learning and helping the association grow, by pursuing and promoting further sponsorships, and creating and fostering relationships which put the OHCRA in the best position athletically, administratively, and financially. This is a new path for him, and he looks forward to the challenges of the position. Along with these goals, Lapule is committed to excellence through humble service and sacrifice, to ensure that OHCRA continues to be a leader in Hawaii in the perpetuation of the sport of outrigger canoe paddling.

“Ua Ho’opa’a ‘Ia Käkou I Ke Kaula O Ka Wa’a”