Tiare Lawrence – 10 Years After

tiare lawrence speech

The last time you graced the cover of Makai, how old were you and has life changed for you?

I was 26 years old. Life has changed drastically since then. I am now a mother to two beautiful babies so as you can imagine fitting in surfing in the mix can be a challenge.

What would be one of the main things that has changed?

My career path. I never thought I would have ever pursued politics.

Are you still doing the same sports, in the same organizations and racing or surfing in the same places?

Yes, I still surf and paddle as much as I can. I still do the regatta and channel races. Not much time to compete in the other races but I’m looking forward to when I can start training hard again.

You are heading into an election, and running fot the State House on Maui. Could you tell makai readers why you are running for public office, what are the positive experiences you’ve had while running?

I want to protect and improve our quality of life here in Hawai’i for future generations, and running for office allows me to share my vision for a true sustainable future on Maui.

Being an “Elite” waterperson, has that helped you with your decision to “throw your hat into the ring”?

Watching our public trust resources be depleted and disappear in front of my eyes was definitely a driving force in my decision.

What has stayed the same since the last time makai wrote about you?

Im still competitive and charging big surf.

Are you still competing in races, Regatta and or distance or OC1?

Regatta and distance.

You’ve done the Molokai Hoe- many times how many times have you com-peted in the race?

I have done Na Wahine O ke Kai about 12 times.

Have you participated in any new sport, activities or hobbies that keep you focused or driven?

Yes, I am addicted to crossfit. I have competed in several local competitions.

What kind of things would you like to see changed in our communities?

I would like to focus on the health and education of our keiki. I see value in giving our kids access to place based education and language opportunities in public schools. By doing so I think kids would learn to have a deeper appreciation and respect for our islands, resources, and people. I would definitely work towards more Hawaiian place based education in our schools.

Okay, last political question, what makes you the best candidate, and why?

The way I do everything in my life is the same way I ride big waves. I’m not afraid to charge and get pounded, Okay back to your personal life!

Back over 10 years ago we last interviewed you were single. Life must have changed, How?

Haha well since then I was married and divorced. I have two kids.

Since we are hoping that you get elected into office, what kind of job do you do besides representing your community?

My first job is being a mom I also work as a community organizer for the Hawaii
alliance of progressive action.